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July 1, 2023

Brainteaser of the day: I am filled with keys but have no locks. I have space but there are no extra rooms. Who am I?

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Treat Yo’Self


🇺🇸 To Celebrating Independence
Happy (almost) 4th of July! Have fun with these 4th of July activities for all ages >

🤣 To Laughs
Happy International Joke Day! Be the funniest person in the room with these jokes >

🍔 To Good Food
No 4th of July cookout is complete without red, white, and blue grub. Try out these BBQ recipes >

🧩 To Problem Solving
Problems arise daily at work. Learn how to master this soft skill like a pro >

👙 To Sustainable Swimwear
Do good and feel good. Check out these ethical and eco-friendly swim suits for your summer collection >


Our Top Templates Available Now


TA Templates Bundle

🙌 We finally did it!

We took our top most downloaded productivity, icebreaker and DEI game templates and partnered with Miro to give it to you all for free.

Here’s what you’ll get from this ultimate bundle:

  • 6 Productivity & Planning Templates
  • 3 Meeting Icebreaker Templates
  • 6 DEI Interactive Game Templates

👉 Get The Templates Bundle Today

P.S. Sign up free for Miro with your work email or log in to access the templates.


A Beginner’s Guide to the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement


Had a few too many hangovers lately? Fed up with the morning fuzziness and vague headache that follow your nightly glass or two of wine? Beginning to question the way alcohol affects your mood?

If you’re starting to wonder whether giving up drinking might have a positive impact on your life, know that you’re not alone with these thoughts. A growing number of “sober curious” people are starting to take a closer look at the role alcohol plays in their life.

Sober curious simply means that you’ve chosen to avoid alcohol for personal or wellness reasons. It involves curiosity about the reasons fueling your desire to drink and the way alcohol affects your life.

Unlike people who stay sober because of dependency or addiction, sober curious people may not necessarily meet criteria for an alcohol use disorder or intend to give up alcohol permanently.

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Meet Your New Productivity Assistant



Productivity isn’t hard if you have the right system in place. “Atomic habits”, in other words.

Sunsama is the system that helps you build the habits you need to live an ambitious and productive, yet balanced life.

Their unique “daily planning ritual” helps you be intentional about your workday so you work less but get more done. 7000+ professionals call it “the last productivity app you will ever need.

It’s a risk-free trial as they don’t take your card upfront. In less than 2 weeks, you will stop playing catch up with tasks and start living a balanced life where work doesn’t consume you.

👉 Claim Your Free Access


From Estée Lauder


“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

Joanna’s Recs


Joanna Ericta

Show to binge 📺 : 
The Bear (S2)

Song to bump 🎵:
Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

Podcast 🎙️:  

Book 📚:
Don’t Forget the Girl by Rebecca McKanna

Wishlist Rec 📝:
Allbirds Tree Runners

Cameron’s Recs



In Case You Missed It…


Vinovest combines the expertise of master sommeliers and AI algorithms for successful wine and whiskey investments.

Experience the difference of Beekeeper’s Naturals, a clean and natural solution for seasonal symptoms.

Likewise Watchlist is your curated selection of must-watch TV shows and movies, delivered straight to your inbox for free.

Embrace your natural beauty with NativePath’s Collagen Protein.


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💡If you’re a team manager — seasoned or new — consider fostering these characteristics.

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Jax pet of the week

This rambunctious cat, Jax, is full of energy and has an affinity for hair ties and cable wires.

He was adopted at 9 months old back in December 2021 with the intentions of giving his grumpy brother cat, Charlie, some company. Well, that didn’t pan out and drives him crazy at times.

Jax acts like a dog. He fetches and sleeps in all funny positions. He’s a total lovable goofball and his owners love him so much!

💌 We’re huge pet lovers at The Assist and want to feature a pet each week — fill out this form for your fur baby to be featured!
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