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September 13, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — Buddha


5 Lessons We Took From “The Psychology of Money”


In The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel uses real-life stories and behavioral insights to shed light on the intricate relationship between our psychology and finances.

Here are 5 lessons we took away from the book:

  1. Behavior Matters More Than Expertise: Financial success isn’t solely about being an investment expert. Your behavior and emotions around money are often more critical. Avoid impulsive decisions, stay the course, and don’t let emotions drive financial choices.
  2. Time Is Your Best Friend in Investing: Compounding is a powerful force. The earlier you start investing and the longer you stay invested, the more your wealth can grow over time. It’s about time in the market, not timing the market.
  3. Learn to Live with “Good Enough”: The pursuit of “more” doesn’t necessarily lead to greater happiness. Understand your “enough” point – the level of financial security that brings peace of mind. It’s crucial to be content with “good enough” rather than constantly chasing more wealth.
  4. Risk and Uncertainty Are Different: Distinguish between risk (known probabilities) and uncertainty (unknown probabilities). Life is full of uncertainty, and trying to predict the unpredictable can lead to financial stress. Embrace a diversified, long-term investment strategy to manage risk.
  5. Financial Success Is Personal: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to money management. Your financial journey is unique, and it’s crucial to understand your own goals, values, and priorities. What works for someone else may not be suitable for you, so personalize your financial strategy.


Add this to your digital toolbox

Monday.com banner

We’ve compared monday.com to the Swiss army knife of project management softwares — and they’ve taken it up a notch by launching industry specific templates.

Here are some of our fave templates that you can use today (for free):

For HR & Recruiting: ‌

For EAs/Admins/Operations:

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Self-Care (And Maybe Vacation) Idea


Forest Bathing, known as “Shinrin-yoku” in Japan, is a mindful practice of immersing yourself in a forest or natural environment.

It’s not about taking a traditional bath, but rather soaking in the atmosphere of the forest with all your senses.

Imagine strolling through the woods, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the rustling leaves, and feeling the earth beneath your feet.

Originating in Japan in the 1980s, Forest Bathing was developed as a response to the growing urbanization and disconnect from nature. The Japanese government recognized its health benefits and integrated it into their national health program.

Forest Bathing has gained popularity worldwide as a holistic way to improve mental and physical health.

Here are a few benefits:

  • 😌 Stress Reduction
  • 😁 Improved Mood
  • 🎨 Increased Creativity
  • 💪 Enhanced Immunity
  • 🧠 Better Focus
  • 😴 Improved Sleep

Where to Experience Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing can be enjoyed in serene natural locations around the world.

Here are a few noteworthy destinations:

  • Japan: Explore the birthplace of Shinrin-yoku in stunning Japanese forests.
  • California: Discover the Redwood and Sequoia forests for a majestic experience.
  • Scotland: Walk amidst the ancient Caledonian forests for a taste of history.
  • South Korea: Delve into the lush landscapes of Jirisan National Park.
  • Costa Rica: Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of rainforests.
  • Oregon: The stunning forests of the Pacific Northwest offer ample opportunities for Forest Bathing.
  • New York: The Adirondacks and Catskills are perfect for a dose of nature near the city.
  • North Carolina: Explore the Appalachian forests for a tranquil escape.
  • Iceland: Wander through enchanting forests amidst otherworldly landscapes.
  • Canada: The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a pristine Forest Bathing spot.
  • New Zealand: The lush forests of Rotorua offer a unique and rejuvenating experience.


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😩 Are you tired of the social media chaos, juggling posts, and constant last-minute edits?

Experience the Planable magic:

  • Seamless Collaboration: Teamwork made easy with a centralized hub for all your social media content. No more lost files or miscommunication.
  • 📅 Stress-Free Scheduling: Plan your posts ahead, and watch your social media strategy shine effortlessly.
  • 🧐 Error-Proof Approval: Get everyone on the same page with in-app approvals and comments.
  • 💡 Insightful Analytics: Gain powerful insights into your content performance.
  • 📈 Stay Ahead of Trends: Planable keeps you ahead in the ever-evolving social media landscape.

Join thousands of social media moguls just like you who’ve discovered the secret to social media success with Planable!

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Spread The Word: This Friday is 4PM Finish Day


It’s time to spread the word and unlock the magic of 4PM Finish Day in your workplace this Friday!

This initiative isn’t just about leaving work early; it’s about fostering a culture that prioritizes work-life balance and employee well-being.

Here are some tips on how to implement it seamlessly:

Plan Ahead: Encourage your team to plan their workweek strategically. Ensure deadlines are met and priorities are clear, so everyone can comfortably wrap up their tasks by 4 PM on Friday.

Communicate Early: A successful 4PM Finish Day begins with communication. Let your colleagues and superiors know about this initiative in advance. Explain its purpose: to reward hard work, boost morale, and promote a healthier work-life balance.

Delegate Responsibly: Encourage delegation and collaboration. Distribute tasks evenly to ensure that no one is overwhelmed on Friday. It’s a collective effort to make this day a reality.

Time Management: Encourage effective time management throughout the week. Share productivity tips and tools to help team members stay on track and minimize distractions.

Flexible Hours: If possible, offer flexibility in work hours leading up to 4PM Finish Day. This can accommodate different schedules and personal commitments, ensuring everyone benefits from this special day.

Reflect and Share: Encourage team members to reflect on how they spent their extra time outside of work. Sharing experiences can inspire others and strengthen team bonds.

Feedback Loop: After the 4PM Finish Day, gather feedback from your team. What worked well? What could be improved? Use this information to refine the experience for future occurrences.

P.S. Also all this week, celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work!


🏈 Football season is in full swing


Football season is here and it’s most likely taking over your TV schedule or sneaking its way into your work convos.

Check out this NFL Crossword Puzzle you can enjoy with your team. Make it exciting and team up for a grand prize to see who can finish it first (and get the most correct answers, of course).


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