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October 24, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”  Albert Einstein


Navigating Mismatched Libidos in a Relationship


Let’s talk mismatched libidos.

It’s super common for one partner to have a higher sex drive than the other. This can lead to hurt feelings, rejection, and confusion about how to meet both people’s needs.

If you’re the partner wanting more frequent sex:

  • Communicate your desires gently outside the bedroom.
  • Don’t criticize or pressure your partner when you get turned down in the moment.
  • Explain that physical intimacy helps you feel connected and loved.
  • Ask how you can work together to meet in the middle.
  • Try to set up daily or weekly “rituals” that create physical intimacy like The 6 Second Kiss but don’t have to lead to sex.
If you’re the lower libido partner: 
  • Re-assure your lover that you find them attractive, but your drive is just lower naturally.
  • Be honest about any issues lowering your desire like stress, medications or pain during sex.
  • Suggest compromises like cuddling, massage or oral sex when you’re not up for full sex.
  • Most importantly, don’t shame your partner for having a higher sex drive.

For both partners, consent and empathy are key.

Never pressure the other to do something they aren’t comfortable with. But keep an open mind about occasionally trying new things to please your partner.

Maintaining passion in a mismatched libido relationship takes compromise from both people. With understanding and ongoing communication, you can definitely make it work! The intimacy will be worth it.


🎁 Now you can buy a gift from the boss and let everyone sign the card online



🤝 Want to amp up your team connections? Get everyone to sign a card online and you choose whether the company pays or everyone chips in.

Whether it’s a birthday, a farewell, a thinking of you moment, GroupTogether has tons of options for gifts — and the cards are free and unlimited!

💌 Haven’t tried GroupTogether yet? Over 1 MILLION people love this tool for a reason.

Getting started is easy:

  • Create a free group card.
  • Use your company credit card to add a gift.
  • Pick out an eGift Card, from favorites like Amazon and Target, grab some pretty flowers or chocolates, or let the lucky colleague pick their own gift by giving them an AnyCard.
  • Share the link for everyone to add their well-wishes digitally.
No sign ups, downloads or subscriptions. Just click START.

👉 Try GroupTogether Today

P.S. No business sign-up needed. Yay!


Heal Your Body Through Somatic Therapy


Ready to release damaging pent up emotions on your body? Cue somatic therapy — a cutting-edge mind-body healing approach.

Somatic therapy helps you reconnect with your body’s wisdom by tuning into physical sensations, rather than ignoring them. Practices like meditation, gentle yoga, breath work, and massage retrain your nervous system to feel safe in your body.

This is especially powerful for trauma recovery. Trauma gets “trapped” in the body through chronic tightness, aches, fatigue, etc. Somatic approaches release these manifestations.

For example, tremoring (“shaking”) helps discharge stuck fight-or-flight energy after a traumatic event. Or yoga can bring awareness to where you hold stress, allowing you to send breath and relaxation to those areas.

Somatic therapy can also aid weight loss. How?

It helps you recognize true hunger vs stress/boredom eating. Mindful movement re-syncs you to your body’s natural rhythms. You learn to eat what your body actually needs, stop when full, and move in ways that feel good.

Overall, somatic approaches lead to better physical and mental health. But the key is consistency.

Start small — just 5 minutes a day of deep breathing, body scanning or gentle stretching.

Listen inwardly, let go of judgment, and give your body some well-deserved TLC.

📚 Read more about Somatic Therapy and different techniques.


Hiring just got easier


CareerBuilder's sample report.

The hiring pool is deep, wide, and crowded.

Supply and Demand reporting from CareerBuilder can help you develop a targeted strategy with custom hiring insights, all backed by decades of exclusive industry data and ready in just a click.

Stay ahead of the competition and make informed recruiting decisions with confidence.

CareerBuilder’s exclusive insights into job seeker details, compensation trends, and favorable location details make finding a great fit for your role (and building them a great offer) simple.

👉 Get a free sample report here


🔮 Demystifying Types of Life Insurance


It’s one of those pesky adult things we wish they taught in school, but why should you care about life insurance?

Simply put, it’s an important consideration to financially protect loved ones.

Unexpectedly passing away without coverage in place could leave your family struggling to cover expenses like the mortgage, bills, and college tuition without your income. Life insurance provides a valuable safety net, with a general recommendation being to have a policy worth 10-12 times your annual earnings.

While it’s not fun to think about, having adequate coverage gives tremendous peace of mind that your family will be taken care of if the unthinkable happens.

Here’s an overview of the different types of life insurance policies:

Term life insurance covers a specific time period, typically 10-30 years. It pays out if you pass away during the term. It’s the most affordable option for pure financial protection.

Whole life insurance covers your entire life, as the name suggests. You pay a fixed premium forever that’s much higher than term policies. The upside is it accrues cash value that you can borrow against one day.

Universal life insurance is a flexible policy where you can adjust your premiums and coverage. You can also build cash value like whole life. The premiums are higher but the flexibility is the main appeal.

There are also a few variations:

  • Convertible term: Lets you convert to a permanent policy later without a health exam.
  • Group life: Provided by your employer, with coverage amounts based on salary.
  • Accidental death: Only pays if death is by accident. Typically part of travel insurance.
So which do you need?
  • Pure coverage: Term life for 10-20 years.
  • Lifelong protection:Whole life or universal life.
  • Affordable premiums: Term or group life.
  • Flexibility: Universal life.
  • Mortgage coverage: Decreasing term tied to your mortgage balance.
Bottom line: Term life is best for most families’ pure insurance needs. Permanent policies make sense if you have a high net worth to protect long-term. Shop around, do research, and chat with a financial advisor to find your perfect match.


Last-Minute DIY Costumes for Office Halloween Fun


Boo! Halloween has crept up quickly, but don’t panic if you haven’t planned an epic costume yet. Whether you’re joining an office costume contest or party, or got a last-minute invite to a friend’s monster mash, there are easy DIY ideas you can pull together fast with items you likely have on hand.

Get creative with office supplies, thrift store finds, or even household items to make a humorous, pop culture or workplace-inspired getup.

Be “The Ghost of Twitter,” a “Cereal Killer,” or channel a viral moment like a “Free Britney Advocate”.

Here are some ideas to spark inspiration for a DIY costume in under an hour:

  • 👻 White sheet ghost – A classic. Cut holes in a plain white sheet for easy ghost attire. Bonus points for drawing a silly or scared face.
  • 🪆 Paper doll – Tape or staple printed sheets of paper clothing onto your work outfit for an artsy meta-costume.
  • 💻 Zoom call – Dress in work clothes but add a frame around your face and decorate it like a Zoom call screen.
  • 🖍️  Highlighter – Wear all black and tape highlighters all over for a literal “highlighter” costume.
  • 🎨 Pop art – Use colored tape to create Roy Lichtenstein-esque pop art designs on a white shirt and pants/skirt.
  • 🥣 Cereal killer – Wear all black and glue various empty cereal boxes all over. Carry a plastic knife for effect.
  • 🦈 Sales shark – Put on a business suit and stuff the lining with paper to create a shark fin effect. Make a shark mouth and teeth from paper and tape it to your face.
  • 😊 Emoticon – Choose an emoticon like 🙂 or :O and decorate a white shirt to match. Add emoji accessories.
  • 👀 Stuff you “googled” – Print out the top 5-10 funny/random things you’ve googled lately and tape them all over your clothes.
The options are endless for DIY costumes with household items. Get creative with your coworkers and have a ghoulishly fun time at the office Halloween party.


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