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November 14, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Muhammad Ali


What Happens to Your 401(k) When You Change Jobs?


As the new year approaches, you may be planning a career move and excited about a new job opportunity. But before you make the leap, consider what will happen to your existing 401(k).

When changing jobs, you have a few options for handling this retirement account so you can avoid penalties and keep your savings continuing to grow:

  • Roll It Over – The most common choice is to roll over your 401(k) into an IRA account. This allows you to keep the money growing tax-deferred and avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty if you’re under age 59 1⁄2. You can choose either a traditional IRA to maintain tax-deferred status or a Roth IRA if you want future tax-free withdrawals.To initiate a rollover, request a direct transfer from your 401(k) provider to the financial institution that will hold your IRA. This is simpler than receiving a check made out to you, which would require depositing into the IRA within 60 days to avoid withdrawal taxes and penalties.
  • Leave It Where It Is – If your balance is over $5,000, you can leave your 401(k) with your former employer. Make sure to monitor the account and request any updates on fees, performance, and investment options that could change over time. Also name a beneficiary on the account.While not ideal for long term, this can make sense in the short term while you decide on the best IRA provider and investment strategy. Just note that you won’t be able to contribute to the 401(k) anymore or take out a loan from it.
  • Cash Out – Cashing out your 401(k) when leaving a job is an option, but usually not advisable. You’ll face federal and state income taxes on the withdrawal, plus a 10% early withdrawal penalty if under age 55. This can quickly eat up a large chunk of your nest egg.Only tap your 401(k) in an emergency, like facing eviction or foreclosure. Also, if your balance is less than $5,000, your employer may force a cash-out upon departure anyway to close out small accounts. Always the last resort, as this will derail your retirement savings.
Changing jobs is a milestone in your career journey. Be strategic about what happens next with your 401(k) so you can keep building on your retirement fund over the long run. Consult a financial planner to weigh your options and make the transition seamless.


🎁 Need to organize gifts from the team before Thanksgiving? Easy!


Group Together gif banner

You last holiday season: Stressed. Chasing people down with a card to sign, awkwardly reminding everyone who forgot to chip in for the gift, and getting people gifts they probably won’t use.

You this season: Chilling. Planning a group gift card with GroupTogether for FREE and letting everyone chip in and sign the card online.

🤝 It’s THE tool for holidays, farewells, gifts for the teacher or coach, a thinking of you moment, and so many more occasions.

Getting started is quick and painless:

  • Create a free group card & gift collection and share the link with with an e-mail or a message to the group chat.
  • Everyone can chip in for the gift and sign the card online.
  • GroupTogether will do all the tracking and reminding.
No sign ups, downloads or subscriptions. Just click START. Easy.

👉 See why 1M people are loving GroupTogether

P.S. You can also pay with the company card and everyone can still sign the card!


Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner Anxiety


The holidays are supposed to be a time of togetherness, gratitude and comfort. But for many of us, Thanksgiving can stir up stress and anxiety.

Maybe you’re dreading questions from relatives about your love life or job status. Or arguing about politics across the dinner table. Or facing the empty chair of a loved one who has passed on or can’t be there.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by family dynamics or social pressures around the holidays.

Try these simple tips to help you navigate the holiday with more peace of mind:

  • Have an exit plan. If tensions run high, take a walk or have an activity lined up to take a breather.
  • Practice self-care. Get enough rest, eat healthy, and maybe even get in a workout beforehand.
  • Bring a buffer. Ask a neutral friend or partner to help divert difficult personalities.
  • Find gratitude. Make a mental list of things or people you’re grateful for. It helps reframe anxiety.
  • Honor absent loved ones. Share a positive memory or light a candle in their honor.
  • Let go of expectations. Family gatherings rarely go perfectly. Accept imperfections.
  • Schedule fun. Plan meaningful activities to build connections.
  • Be present. Stay focused on the moment rather than future worries.
With some mindfulness, self-care and boundaries, you can find pockets of joy. Focus on the people you want to reconnect with and make the most of it.


A task management software that doesn’t suck



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It’s an intuitive and fully customizable project management software where workflows become effortless, and team collaboration can finally thrive.

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How To Create Healthy Distance With a Friend


Friendships naturally ebb and flow over time. As we grow and change, it’s common to outgrow relationships or need space from certain friends.

Creating healthy distance without guilt or awkwardness can be tricky.

Here are some compassionate tips:

  • Reflect on your needs and set boundaries. Decide specifically what you require, like less frequent meetups or not discussing certain topics. Then communicate this to them politely but firmly.
  • Try seeing them in group settings versus one-on-one. Spending time together in a crowd eases pressure and gives built-in breaks from deep conversations.
  • Limit your interactions. Don’t feel obligated to call, text or spend time together as often. Politely decline invitations if needed.
  • Find fulfillment elsewhere. Pursue new hobbies, other friendships and personal growth goals. Focus on self-care.
  • If toxic patterns emerge, you may need to remove them from your life. But first, have an honest discussion on your concerns and give them a chance to understand your viewpoint.
With mindfulness and candid communication, you can take space from a friendship without losing the connection completely. Prioritize your mental health while still being respectful to the other person. You both may grow positively from the distance.


End of Fall Trivia


The days are getting shorter, and fall is almost over. Soak up the season with one last fall trivia game.

Have prizes like Starbucks gift cards, pumpkin bread or caramel apples for the winners. A little friendly competition is a fun way to enjoy everything that makes fall special.


Stuff we’re loving this week


🛠️ Tool: Sanebox is something our team has been using to dig ourselves from anxiety inducing amounts of emails to inbox zero. It learns your behavior to help streamline your email mgmt process. We are especially loving the @SaneBlackHole folder that keeps unwanted emails out.

🔪 Kitchen: Fullstar Veggie Chopper. Level up your chopping without needing master chef knife skills. Plus it comes with a spiralizer for the perfect zoodles, and a container to catch it all.

💋 Beauty: True Botanicals Cleansing Balm. Double cleansing has been vital to our skincare routine since we found out about it. A little bit of this cleansing balm goes a long way and melts away stubborn makeup.

📄 Template: Self Evaluation Template. Whether you’re looking to use this for personal or work purposes, this template helps you reflect on yourself — where you shine and could use improving. Perfect for the end of the year.


Our Holiday Gifting Guide


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