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November 21, 2023
Wellness Wednesday

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt


Rise and Shine, On Your Own Time


We get it—hitting that snooze button feels oh-so-tempting in the morning.

Here are some ways to help you create a realistic morning routine without sacrificing precious sleep:

🛏️ Start slow: Start your morning with a few extra minutes of pillow snuggles. Set your alarm to a catchy tune that gradually increases in volume. It’s like waking up to your own personal concert!

💃 Stretch and Wiggle: Instead of diving headfirst into intense workouts, begin your day with gentle stretching or a little wiggle session.

Breakfast on the Go: Whip up quick and nutritious breakfast options that can be enjoyed on the move. Smoothies in a travel cup or pre-made overnight oats are your time-saving heroes!

Prep Like a Pro: The night before, lay out your outfit, pack your bag, and have your coffee maker primed and ready. This way, you’ll breeze through your morning routine.

A realistic morning routine is all about finding what works for you and starting your day on a positive note.


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Managing Long Distance During Holidays


The festive season is meant for togetherness, but celebrating apart from a long distance partner can be challenging. From gift giving to quality time, making the holidays special across the miles requires planning and intention. Here are some tips for managing long distance during this nostalgic time of year.

Set Expectations Early

Have an open discussion about needs and limitations before the hustle and bustle begins. Be honest about gift budgets, travel plans, and work schedules. Make sure you’re both on the same page to avoid disappointment.

Schedule Quality Virtual Time

Carve out dedicated video chat sessions for opening gifts together, cooking the same holiday recipes, or watching favorite films. Send each other surprise packages so you have something to unwrap “together” during your call.

Focus On The Future

Reminisce about holidays past, but also look ahead to celebrations in the future when you can be together. Share your hopes for next year’s traditions. Planning future holidays as a couple builds excitement.

Splurge On Delivery Gifts

Take advantage of gift wrapping and rush delivery options so you can still exchange thoughtful presents. Include a heartfelt card emphasizing how much you wish you were there. Video record their reaction when the gift arrives!

Make Your Own Traditions

Start new rituals as a couple like opening matching pajamas on video chat Christmas Eve or writing “reasons we’re grateful” in a shared journal. Getting creative with traditions makes the occasion special.

Display Photos

Surround yourself with happy couple pictures and sweet holiday cards from your partner. If you’re celebrating with family, share your favorite picture of the two of you so they feel included.

Focus On Self-Care

The holidays magnify missing your significant other. Counter sadness through nurturing yourself with plenty of rest, healthy food and yoga. Spending time with supportive friends also helps.

Share The Festivities

When attending parties or gatherings, use video chat so they can say a virtual hello to your family and friends. Take them along on your phone as you walk through nostalgic light displays.

Highlight The Positives

Remind yourself how lucky you are to have found love across the miles. Reflect on your growth as a couple from weathering long distance challenges. Absence can make the heart grow fonder!

With intentionality and creativity, you can still make holiday magic across the miles. Focus on cherishing quality time together, even if virtually. Make new traditions, share festivities, and look ahead to a future of celebrations spent side by side.


Play Today: Thanksgiving Bingo


Bonusly Thanksgiving Bingo

If you’re working in the office today, here’s a fun activity you can do with your team before breaking for the Thanksgiving holiday.

For non US readers, this is still a great activity for the team so suggest you play as well!

This free Thanksgiving Bingo card includes the following:

  • 😌 Multiple work-specific mindfulness exercises.
  • 💡 Unique ideas to help your team feel more grateful.
  • 👥 Activities that can be done solo or as a team.
  • 💻 A PDF document you can easily share with others.

Get the free Thanksgiving Bingo card here


How To Deal With Negative Comments Respectfully


As a woman in business, receiving unprofessional or negative criticism from colleagues can be difficult to navigate.

While our instinct may be to lash out or get defensive, there are more constructive ways for female leaders to handle inappropriate feedback while also drawing clear professional boundaries.

First, listen fully when receiving the critique. Give your colleague your complete focus without interrupting them. Make eye contact and aim to comprehend their perspective, even if it feels inappropriate. Show you have heard them.

Next, pause before responding. Give yourself time to digest the unprofessional comments thoughtfully. Avoid reacting defensively in the heat of the moment.

Then, politely call out the problematic nature of the feedback. Say something like “I want to thoughtfully consider what you’ve shared. Some aspects came across as unprofessional which concerns me. Let’s discuss this in a more constructive manner later.”

If appropriate, follow up in writing to reestablish norms. Send an email firmly but calmly stating your expectations for respectful communication. Outline next steps for rebuilding a productive working relationship.

When you do respond further, use “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory. Say “I feel concerned when receiving feedback delivered unprofessionally. I want to foster positive communication between us.” Own your part.

Ask clarifying questions on any appropriate details that you feel you may have misunderstood. Seek deeper insight into their intent beyond the unprofessional approach.

If aspects of the criticism do hold truth, acknowledge them briefly. But reiterate that the delivery overshadowed the message. Reinforce norms for giving constructive feedback respectfully.

Throughout any further exchanges, keep your composure. Don’t get emotional, raise your voice or lash out. Maintain a calm, professional tone focused on solutions.

Finally, if the inappropriate commentary continues, involve HR. Explain the situation objectively and request mediation. Make clear you aim to resolve the issue directly but need support addressing ongoing unprofessional conduct.

Dealing with inappropriate criticism as a female leader requires resilience, active listening and emotional intelligence.

By responding professionally, you gain credibility for handling the situation maturely while also drawing clear boundaries around respect.

See it as an opportunity to strengthen norms. With courage and understanding, you can address unprofessional actions constructively to build a thriving team.


Best Thanksgiving Messages to Employees


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show employees you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Sending heartfelt messages with gratitude can boost morale as you head into the busy holiday season.

Here’s some ideas for thoughtful Thanksgiving email messages you can send to employees:

Subject: We’re Thankful for You!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to reach out with gratitude for everything you do for [Company]. This year has been full of challenges, but also many successes, none of which would be possible without our dedicated team. We appreciate your hard work, flexibility, and commitment through ups and downs. Enjoy time with loved ones this Thanksgiving. You make [Company] a wonderful place to work, and for that we are truly thankful.

Subject: Grateful for Our Team

As we reflect this Thanksgiving on all we have to be grateful for, I want to share how thankful I am for each and every one of you. Our team’s commitment, resilience, and passion for our work continues to inspire me. You make [Company] a wonderful community I’m proud to be part of. My deepest thanks for your dedication as we head into the homestretch of 2022. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Subject: Thanksgiving Wishes from [Company] Leadership

Wishing our [Company] family a Thanksgiving filled with joy and gratitude. We are so proud of what our team has achieved together this past year. Thank you for bringing your talent, creativity, and care to everything you do. Your efforts drive this organization forward each day. We hope you feel appreciated and valued as part of the [Company] community. Enjoy your holiday – you’ve earned it!

In addition to your email, go above and beyond with these ideas:

  • 🎥 Record a video message highlighting accomplishments over the past year and expressing why you’re grateful for each person’s commitment, creativity, and collaboration. Share it at an all-hands meeting.
  • ✍️ Write personal cards or emails to each team member calling out specific examples of how they’ve positively impacted you or the company. People love personalized recognition.

Thoughtful messages of thanks inspire employees and get the holidays off to a warm, appreciative start. Gratitude boosts morale and reminds people their contributions matter, even during stressful crunch times.

Make Thanksgiving special for staff this year!


Stuff we’re loving this week


🔪 Recipe: Thanksgiving leftover stuffed waffles? Yes, please. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your holiday leftovers check out @thefeedfeed’s recipe and how to vid.

🏠 Home good: If you don’t have a built in water filter in your home, but still looking to hit your daily water intake goals, check out ZeroWater’s 5-stage water filter dispenser. We love that it fits 23 cups!

📄 Report: CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers Report is the holy grail for anyone involved in hiring at work. They pulled together insights from 2,800+ job seekers to help hiring managers understand what quality candidates are looking for in their next role, making the hiring process easier and quicker.

🛠️ Tool: Sanebox is something our team has been using to dig ourselves from anxiety inducing amounts of emails to inbox zero. It learns your behavior to help streamline your email mgmt process. We are especially loving the @SaneBlackHole folder that keeps unwanted emails out.


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