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January 16, 2024
Wellness Wednesday

“Wellness is about being flexible and easily adapting to change. It’s a continual balancing act on the ever-moving tightrope of life.” – Suzy Kassem


Starting a Gratitude Journal


Life moves so fast, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and not notice the little gifts we’ve been given each day — a vibrant sunset on the commute home, a smile from a stranger, a perfectly ripe avocado for breakfast.

Practicing gratitude helps us tune into and appreciate what we have rather than always striving for more.

Over time, it can rewire our brains to focus on the positive.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Set a reminder to journal at the same time each day, say before bed or at the breakfast table. Consistency is key.
  • Observe what brought you joy, comfort or pleasure that day however small (warm sunshine, a purring cat, favorable traffic lights, etc.).
  • Dig a little deeper from time to time. What relationships, abilities or privileges are you thankful for? Your health? Home?
  • When faced with challenges, invite perspective. What could you grateful for despite or even because of a difficulty? Strength gained? Help from others? Insight?
  • Savor the emotions stirred up, however subtle. Really feel gratitude in your body. Let it soothe and ground you.
  • Over time, reflect on patterns about what lifts your spirits. Seek it out more.

Train your brain to scan for the positives and blessings. You may just find each day has more to appreciate than you realized. And what you focus on grows.

P.S.This gratitude journal changed my sh*t storm of a year in 2021 when my mom landed in emergency surgery for a brain tumor (the size of an orange!) we didn’t know about, I was lost in my career after getting furloughed from my job, and my brother was struggling with meth addiction. Writing in it daily (mornings and evenings) had an immensely positive impact on my mental well being; it kept me from completely falling apart. That and therapy!” — Joanna, Co-Founder of TA.


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Vitamin D and Winter Health


As sunny days grow scarce in winter, making sufficient vitamin D becomes tough for many. That’s problematic since vitamin D supports several crucial functions like bone health, immunity, mood regulation, heart health, and normal cell development.

Getting adequate vitamin D is especially key in darker months as seasonal depression also spikes. Researchers have linked low levels to increased seasonal affective disorder (SAD) risk as well as fatigue, irritability, anxiety and disrupted sleep cycles — all exacerbated in winter.

Unfortunately vitamin D deficiency is prevalent, affecting roughly 42% of Americans.

Thankfully, restoring healthy levels is very achievable through strategic sun exposure, diet and supplementation:

Catch Some Midday Rays

Aim for 10–30 minutes per day of direct sunlight exposure on your face, arms and legs. Around midday is ideal as vitamin D absorption depends on UVB rays, which peak from 10am to 3pm daily even through cloud cover.

Food First

Consume vitamin D-rich foods like salmon, tuna, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks and fortified milk. Also try mushrooms, yogurt, orange juice and cereal which have smaller amounts.

Supplement as Needed

For many women, diet alone won’t provide sufficient vitamin D in winter. Taking a daily supplement provides an easy way to maintain healthy blood levels between 50 and 80 ng/ml year-round.

Prioritize getting sufficient vitamin D from November through March to lift your mood, immunity and energy levels all season long. Come springtime, you’ll bounce back from dreary winter stronger than ever!


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How To Approach a Loved One Struggling With Depression


When someone you love is going through depression, it can be heartbreaking to witness them in pain and not know how to help. While you can’t “fix” their depression for them, you can offer compassion, support, and encouragement. Here are some tips for approaching a loved one struggling with depression.

Educate Yourself

Learn about symptoms, triggers and coping strategies so you can better understand what your loved one is experiencing. Knowledge breeds empathy and enables you to provide better feedback. Avoid giving unsolicited advice though.

Check In Regularly

Make yourself emotionally available through regular check-ins via text, call or in person meetups. Low-energy activities like taking a walk together are great since depression can sap motivation. Keep communication open rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Inquire how they’re feeling and what you can do to help rather than just saying “let me know if you need anything.” Offer to research local resources together. Specific queries make it easier for them to articulate struggles.

Validate Their Feelings

If they confide in you, don’t try to “fix” their mood. Validate their emotions with responses like “That sounds really tough. I appreciate you opening up with me.” Make sure they feel heard.

Offer Low-Pressure Invites

Those struggling with depression often isolate themselves. Casually invite them to grab coffee or go on a hike. If they decline, let them know the offer stands for next time. Don’t take it personally if your invites get refused occasionally.

Practice Active Listening

If they do choose to open up about symptoms, be fully present. Make eye contact, ask questions, paraphrase back what you heard. Don’t check your phone or rush the conversation along.

Share Coping Strategies

If suitable, gently share lifestyle tweaks that help your own mental health like journaling or yoga. Make clear you’re just sharing what works for you, not presuming it’s the “cure.” Offer to join them in new coping rituals.

Above all, approach your loved one with compassion. Reassure them you are there through the ups and downs. Your support system can make all the difference as they work towards healing.


DEI Bingo


Opening meaningful dialogue about diversity, equity and inclusion at work starts with effectively prompting perspectives. An interactive “DE&I Bingo” game can turn sharing into learning opportunities.

To play, create bingo cards with 24 unique diversity statements like:

  • Speaks more than 1 language fluently
  • Is a first generation college graduate
  • Has lived abroad for over a year
  • Is part of the LGBTQIA community
  • Has a visible or invisible disability
  • Practices a minority religion

As colleagues circulate, they find people whose life experiences connect to various boxes and collect signatures. First to complete rows or fill the card calls bingo to win!

Again, it’s less about winning than jumpstarting real connections.

Post-game, discuss what participants discovered or realized playing. Highlight commonalities surfaced despite surface-level differences.

Leverage the activity to start meaningful diversity dialogues in a positive team building environment.

Over time, increased understanding breeds enhanced collaboration, respect, belonging and innovation.


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