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July 5, 2022
Woman Wednesday

Name that Woman Trailblazer: She is recognized for her decades long fight for women’s rights and journalism work, and also co-founded Ms. Magazine and the Ms. Foundation for Women.

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Meet Alexys Esparza 👋


Alexys Esparza

Hi, I’m Alexys!

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I currently reside, so naturally I’m a huge sports fan. Shout out to the Lakers, Dodgers, Rams & Kings!

I’m extremely close with my family and love spending time with them. I’m also a proud dog mom to the sweetest cock-a-poo named Theodore who I absolutely adore.

I love The Assist and really resonate with their goal of empowering women to achieve their personal & professional goals, so I’m stoked to be featured for this Woman Wednesday edition!

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Alexys’ Secrets


Q: How did you get into your current role/industry?
Short answer is I kind of fell into it and happened to really enjoy it!

I spent the first decade of my career taking on different roles at Westfield, an owner & operator of some awesome retail assets and shopping centers. As a bright-eyed college graduate, I started there as a temp in the leasing department and navigated my way over to the media/advertising arm of the company where I worked my way up from coordinator to manager over the years.

I’ve taken that experience and now work on the marketing agency side of the media business and learning a ton!

Q: What’s something you do to help boost your productivity?
Time blocking! I swear by it.

I have a few recurring time blocks dedicated to completing a set of weekly tasks. I take a few minutes at the start of each day to add additional time blocks for that day based on priority outputs or projects that need some love.

I also block out my lunch breaks to ensure I’m stepping away from desk to take a break.

Q: How do you find work-life balance?
I used to be really bad at this where I was constantly checking work emails or answering pings while on vacation, but I’ve finally reached a point in my career where I’ve learned from those mistakes and really prioritizing the life part of work-life balance.

Especially when working from home, it’s way too easy to feel like you have to be “always on.” I shut down my computer around the same time each day and have a plan in place with my team if an emergency arises, so I don’t feel the need to check emails after-hours or on weekends.

Q: What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve received so far?
Speak up for yourself.

It sounds simple, but it’s not easy. As a woman, it can be a bit intimidating speaking up during meetings or voicing a differing opinion, but it’s so important to push outside your comfort zone and speak your mind.

Q: What’s your favorite software or app that helps with your workflow?
For collaboration, I love Microsoft Teams & SharePoint.

Teams has a user-friendly meeting interface where you can record/transcribe meetings and collaborate using the whiteboard feature. I also use Microsoft One Note for note taking and love it. You can also easily convert your notes into checklists which is one of my favorite features.

Q: What’s a book or podcast you’d recommend to a colleague?
I mainly read fiction, so I always have a novel or two on my nightstand.

If you’re looking for a thriller novel with a twist, I’d recommend The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. I also recently finished reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and can’t wait to see the film adaptation later this month!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time outside of work?
I have a passion for reading and creative writing, so I try to do as much of that as possible in my free time.  I’m also a sucker for a good brunch spot and love going to karaoke with my friends.

During the summer, you can usually find me at the beach or poolside working on my tan. I’m also relearning how to play guitar, so that’s been a fun challenge!

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